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How to increase earning from blogging

Not infrequently, bloggers are not satisfied with what they earn from their blogging activities. So I am putting here a response to a blogger who asked exactly that question in one of my post:

Earnings proportional to traffic

Essentially earnings depend on traffic (visitors). No traffic = no earning. See
How to build traffic to your blog
How to get free traffic to your blog
Another way to get more traffic and increase PageRank
Use Yahoo Answer to get traffic
Profile directory - increase traffic to your blog
Increase traffic: Add interests, favorite movies, music, books to your Profile
Increase traffic - rssHugger

Relevant ads, blending ads, optimization

Getting relevant ads, optimization, blending of ads with website is also important:

How to get more relevant ads
Incorporate adsense ads in your new Blogger post
Incorporate AdSense ads in post and wrap text around it
Adsense between posts
How to improve earnings from your site
Gettind ads relevant to your site content
Blending colors of your advertisement to the colors of your site
Blending colors of your search box to the colors of your site
What is the best template for your blog for AdSense

Try alternatives to Google AdSense:

Alternatives to Google AdSense (own)
Alternatives to Google AdSense
Kontera ContentLink
Success with Payloadz: How I did it (unless you have your own digital products to sell, you can get frequent but small earnings with Payloadz)

NOTE: You have to get a balance between putting your ads in prominent places, easy navigation for visitors plus not overwhelm visitors with too much ads. See poll at Blogger Tips and Tricks.

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