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Expandable Post Summary FAQ

What is expandable post summary

Expandable post summary is a favorite Blogger hack especially with those that writes very long posts that takes forever to scroll down, and they would like to have just a short summary ending with a READ MORE or READ THE REST OF THE POST link which one can click to see the whole post.

Expandable Post Summary hacks

The latest hack is the jQuery expandable post summary (method 1) which only requires 2 steps in editing the template. However, according to jQuery expandable post summary test, jQuery expandable post summary test 2 and jQuery expandable post summary test 3, this hack will work well for those who don't have many gadgets to slow down the downloading. If you have lots of gadgets slowing down the blog, you will initially see the whole post, and the post will be summarized only when the blog is fully downloaded.

If you don't like that, you should try older expandable post summary hack (method 2).

Examples of blogs with expandable post summary

Good Health Information (method 2)
Holidays and festivals (Method 1)
Investment and money (Method 1, wait until blog fully downloaded to see the post summary)
Career and you (Method 1, wait until blog fully downloaded to see the post summary)


bx Error code troubleshooting

What should one do when we get one of those infamous bx error codes when trying to do something?

Well, one of the thing you can do is to report the problem to report bx error

In the meantime, you can try using a different browser. I have many browsers in my computer as I find that very useful. You can also try to clear cache and cookies.

Recently I had problem changing to a 4 column Minima template getting error code bx-jdokxi in the process.

This was how I solved the problem. My first attempt was to first temporally changed to the standard Blogger 2 column Minima template available via Blogger LAYOUT ("Pick new template") to try to clear whatever is in the template that is causing the problem, and then try to change to the 4 column Minima template. This didn't work because somehow, some gadgets (Page Elements) were not deleted as expected. What I then did was to delete all the gadgets (Page Elements) via the LAYOUT, then uploaded the 4 column Minima template. This time I succeeded - no bx error code.



Scroll box FAQ

Here are links to various posts related to scroll boxes:

How to make a scroll box
Scroll box for long URLs, long unbroken lines, etc.
Scroll box for images
Scroll box for labels
Display HTML tags in scroll box


AdSense in Blogger FAQ

Below are posts related to AdSense and Blogger:

AdSense in New Blogger template

Incorporate AdSense ads in New Blogger post
Incorporate AdSense ads in Blogger post and wrap text around ad
AdSense ad or search box at top of every page in New Blogger

Below is an old post. Ignore the bit about AdSense having problems That was was when Blogger Beta was first introduced. The problems have been solved. Describe how to add AdSense Ad (good for link unit) and search box:
Search box and AdSense ad in blog Header
If above not clear, read the post below:
Additional "Add a Page Element"s

AdSense ad or search box in blog Header and above every page

AdSense in Old classic Blogger templates

How to add AdSense to your blog (also applicable for New Blogger)
Where in old Blogger classic template to paste AdSense script
Adsense ad below blog post
AdSense ad after each post

A good guide as to where to paste various things in old Blogger classic template so as to display in desired positions:
Old classic Blogger template tutorial Part 1
Old classic Blogger template tutorial Part 2


Blogger Video FAQ

embed Youtube in blog post
Music and video for your blog
Video chat for your blog
Embed Live Video into your blog
Youtube video downloader

testing embedding Youtube video part 4
testing uploading video to Google Video
testing embedding video Part 3
testing embedding Live Video
testing embedding video in blog
testing uploading video direct from Blogger

Blogger video uploading is now out of beta


Graphics in blog Header

Here are all the post I have related to graphics in the blog Header:

Clickable graphic in post header

Adding a graphic to your blog header

Adding graphic background to your blog header

How to put an image or a logo on the side of the Header

Another way to add graphic to your header

Special fonts for your clickable image Header without removing the text title without removing the important blog text title

Add graphic to blog Header the easy way


Migrating, editing, changing, backing up Blogger templates

Here are posts related to migrating, editing and changing Blogger templates, both old Blogger classic templates as well as New Blogger (xml) templates. In the case of old classic Blogger templates, once you save the backup template, putting it back again will put back everything you had before. Not so for the New Blogger xml template. Whenever you change a template, very often, you will get a warning messages about some Page Elements which will be deleted. Thus in addition to backing up xml templates, it is also important to backup any Page Elements that can be backed up, mainly HTML/Javascript and List and Text Page Elements. Not sure about other Page Elements like Picture Page Elements as I hardly use them. Will appreciate your feedback about your experience. Some Page Elements cannot be backup, like Link List, Profile, Labels and Blog Archives. The last 3 need not be backed up as you can add them back again from the LAYOUT, but you will lose the Link List or what bloggers call the blog roll. Once you lose this, you will have to redo from scratch. That is why I prefer to use HTML hyperlink tags for creating Link List as they can be backed up and you can easily make the links open in new tabs or windows if you want. Plan to publish 2 posts about this, and if I am late and you need it, do remind me by leaving a comment.

Here are the lists of posts related to migrating, editing, changing and backing up templates, including Page Elements. If you find anything missing, leave a comment to alert me:

How to migrate a classic template to a New Blogger template

Changing template

Backing up and changing New Blogger Template

How to backup New Blogger template and edit the template

Backup Page Elements