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Scroll box FAQ

Here are links to various posts related to scroll boxes:

How to make a scroll box
Scroll box for long URLs, long unbroken lines, etc.
Scroll box for images
Scroll box for labels
Display HTML tags in scroll box


AdSense in Blogger FAQ

Below are posts related to AdSense and Blogger:

AdSense in New Blogger template

Incorporate AdSense ads in New Blogger post
Incorporate AdSense ads in Blogger post and wrap text around ad
AdSense ad or search box at top of every page in New Blogger

Below is an old post. Ignore the bit about AdSense having problems That was was when Blogger Beta was first introduced. The problems have been solved. Describe how to add AdSense Ad (good for link unit) and search box:
Search box and AdSense ad in blog Header
If above not clear, read the post below:
Additional "Add a Page Element"s

AdSense ad or search box in blog Header and above every page

AdSense in Old classic Blogger templates

How to add AdSense to your blog (also applicable for New Blogger)
Where in old Blogger classic template to paste AdSense script
Adsense ad below blog post
AdSense ad after each post

A good guide as to where to paste various things in old Blogger classic template so as to display in desired positions:
Old classic Blogger template tutorial Part 1
Old classic Blogger template tutorial Part 2