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Migrating, editing, changing, backing up Blogger templates

Here are posts related to migrating, editing and changing Blogger templates, both old Blogger classic templates as well as New Blogger (xml) templates. In the case of old classic Blogger templates, once you save the backup template, putting it back again will put back everything you had before. Not so for the New Blogger xml template. Whenever you change a template, very often, you will get a warning messages about some Page Elements which will be deleted. Thus in addition to backing up xml templates, it is also important to backup any Page Elements that can be backed up, mainly HTML/Javascript and List and Text Page Elements. Not sure about other Page Elements like Picture Page Elements as I hardly use them. Will appreciate your feedback about your experience. Some Page Elements cannot be backup, like Link List, Profile, Labels and Blog Archives. The last 3 need not be backed up as you can add them back again from the LAYOUT, but you will lose the Link List or what bloggers call the blog roll. Once you lose this, you will have to redo from scratch. That is why I prefer to use HTML hyperlink tags for creating Link List as they can be backed up and you can easily make the links open in new tabs or windows if you want. Plan to publish 2 posts about this, and if I am late and you need it, do remind me by leaving a comment.

Here are the lists of posts related to migrating, editing, changing and backing up templates, including Page Elements. If you find anything missing, leave a comment to alert me:

How to migrate a classic template to a New Blogger template

Changing template

Backing up and changing New Blogger Template

How to backup New Blogger template and edit the template

Backup Page Elements


Expandable post summary

This (expandable post summary) is a popular request although often not asked for in name. There is also a section on expandable post summary and search engines at the bottom of the post.

Expandable post summary for blogs using New Blogger (xml) templates

Please refer to

Expandable post summary for New Blogger

This post has received many favorable comments including many saying they got frustrated with the one in Google Blogger Help pages itself and found the above easy to follow and understand. One in fact said he tried using the instructions there a few times, and failed. He followed the above and was successful the first time. Hope your path will be as smooth.

Expandable post summary for blogs using old classic Blogger template

While the real old classic Blogger is dead, buried, but is not forgotten. Some may be very attached to their old classic Blogger template. Some may like certain themes like for example, Furniture and stuff for the home, which uses an old classic template. Some may have chose to host the blog on their own in which case they will be forced to use the old classic template.

For those still using the old classic template for their blog and want the expandable post summary, please refer to

Expandable post summary for old classic Blogger.

Expandable post summary and search engines

I have done some tests on how search engines see posts with expandable post summaries and the result is at

Expandable post summary and search engines


Blogger and AdSense

Signing up for a Google AdSense account

Please refer to All about AdSense.

Generating scripts for Google AdSense products

Please refer to
Generating scripts for AdSense for Content ad units

Generating scripts for AdSense products

Blending colors of ads with colors of the blog or website

Please refer to
Blending colors of your ads with the colors of the web page

Blending colors of your ads to the colors of the house