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New Blogger 3 column templates (mostly)

Here are some third party 3 column New Blogger templates (my favorite). There may be some (very rare) 2 column ones, I can't remember:

New Blogger template modified by Stavanger

Dots New Blogger template with Header

New Blogger templates modified by Ramani

New Blogger templates by Isnaini

New Blogger templates by Thur

Ramani's New Blogger Neo template

New Blogger template by Final Sense

New Blogger templates by BloggerBuster

3 column New Blogger template for publishing large photo, scroll box, tables, etc. modified by Stavanger

All of them have been tested and have demonstration (test) blogs. There are more to come when I get the time to add them. This post will be edited as I keep on adding more templates.


coming soon

coming soon


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