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Changing fonts for New Blogger

This post gives instruction on changing fonts using standard methods provided for by Blogger

Changing fonts and colors for New Blogger

If I remember correctly, the following posts will involve editing the template to change the fonts. Now, if you ever want to edit your template, first read

Backup New Blogger template PLUS Page Elements before editing template

This post gives more detailed instructions on how to backup Page Elements (not all Page Elements can be backed up, but most like Profile, Archives, can be added back again from the LAYOUT if such Page Elements get deleted when changing to different template:

Backup Page Elements

The rest of the posts I believe give instructions on how to change fonts by editing the blog template. If I am wrong, please alert me by leaving a comment in the post:

Changing the sidebar font

Change font size of blog Header

Change font size of blog footer

Change blog title font from uppercase to lowercase

Change blog title and description from all uppercase to only the first alphabet uppercase

I have not really studied the problem in detailed, but I believe Blogger, using the method in the first post above, only give limited choice of fonts to choose from. If you want different and unique fonts in the form of graphics, have a look at this post:

Free fonts for your blog

However, if you want to add to the choices of fonts for your blogs using the first method, more work may be involved, and testing that to see how it can be done will take time, and time is one commodity I am in very short supply. But I have done a quick test, and hopefully that may give you some idea as to how to proceed. If you tried and have some experience to share, please leave a comment.

Change text font: Quick test


Douglas Turner said...

I think changing the sidebar fonts has changed since 2007. Couldn't find sidebar{ in my template.