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bx Error code troubleshooting

What should one do when we get one of those infamous bx error codes when trying to do something?

Well, one of the thing you can do is to report the problem to report bx error

In the meantime, you can try using a different browser. I have many browsers in my computer as I find that very useful. You can also try to clear cache and cookies.

Recently I had problem changing to a 4 column Minima template getting error code bx-jdokxi in the process.

This was how I solved the problem. My first attempt was to first temporally changed to the standard Blogger 2 column Minima template available via Blogger LAYOUT ("Pick new template") to try to clear whatever is in the template that is causing the problem, and then try to change to the 4 column Minima template. This didn't work because somehow, some gadgets (Page Elements) were not deleted as expected. What I then did was to delete all the gadgets (Page Elements) via the LAYOUT, then uploaded the 4 column Minima template. This time I succeeded - no bx error code.