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AdSense in Blogger FAQ

Below are posts related to AdSense and Blogger:

AdSense in New Blogger template

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Below is an old post. Ignore the bit about AdSense having problems That was was when Blogger Beta was first introduced. The problems have been solved. Describe how to add AdSense Ad (good for link unit) and search box:
Search box and AdSense ad in blog Header
If above not clear, read the post below:
Additional "Add a Page Element"s

AdSense ad or search box in blog Header and above every page

AdSense in Old classic Blogger templates

How to add AdSense to your blog (also applicable for New Blogger)
Where in old Blogger classic template to paste AdSense script
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A good guide as to where to paste various things in old Blogger classic template so as to display in desired positions:
Old classic Blogger template tutorial Part 1
Old classic Blogger template tutorial Part 2


Teddy and Scotty said...

Okay so I need your help! I used your post to help me install the invisible counter and it was great, thanks! But now I am having a problem. When I am creating a new post, some of the options that were on the top are not there anymore. The font option is gone, the color option gone, text size, centering button, it's all gone. Also, when I add pictures, they used to show up on my draft, now all I'm getting are just a bunch of symbols instead. In the end result of my blog the picture shows up, but it used to show up on my draft as well. How do I get all these options back? It's driving me crazy! Please help!

Peter Chen @ Enviroman (Blog*Star) said...

You are probably in the EDIT HTML mode of the post editor. Switch over to the COMPOSE mode. However, if you want control over your blog, better quickly learn how to prepare post in EDIT HTML mode.

Teddy and Scotty said...

Thanks for your reply. So how do I do that? I just think it's weird that it changed all of a sudden. Is that normal? I'm not doing anything different.

Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh I got it! Thanks so much! I just needed to play around with it a little bit more. Thanks a million for your help!

Peter Chen @ Enviroman (Blog*Star) said...

Hi Teddy and Scotty,

Please refer to

COMPOSE mode post editor

Blogger Post editor

Perhaps I should add a post on publishing posts in EDIT HTML mode specifically, but please read the 2 posts thoroughly and give me some feedback as to whether that is even necessary.