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Video and blogs

These are all the posts I can find related to video. I have to time to check. Will appreciate your feedback by leaving a comment:

Testing embedding a video in Blogger (youtube)

testing uploading of video to google video and embedding it into a post

Testing embeding video (Google Video) Part 3

Testing embedding video (Youtube) Part 4 autostart don't work

Music and video for you blog: Another easy way

Video chat for your blog

Video direct upload is now out of beta (Blogger in Draft)

Video Direct out of beta (Blogger in Draft)

How to embed LiveVideo in a post or sidebar
(This post will show how to edit a script for embedding a post to fit into any part of a blog as long as you know what width is that part, is such a way that the video remains undistorted. This will be for blogs with fixed width templates. For blogs with fluid width, that is more difficult as width are in percentage, not pixels, and one would normally want to set the width to the lowest denominator which in most cases, are for visitors with small screen or screen resolution of 800x600).

For Youtube video, there are 2 widths and 2 heights to be edited and is described in one of the post above. I have no time to check, and if you happen to chance upon that post, please alert me by leaving a comment so I can add that information in this post


admin said...

hi,i hope you can solve my problem regarding embedding video(youtube,megavideo)to a text link in the post.when the links are clicked the videos are opening in a large size which i dont want i changed the the width also,but it is not me blog is